So you can get through life's many compromises without making another one.

  • Delicious ready-to-drink flavors

  • Mood boosting functions

  • Grams of sugar. Packed with adaptogens & nootropics

  • Added sugar

  • Artificial sweeteners

What's in Every Can

Clarity is the Ultimate Currency

Uplift offers steady energy without the crash. Unwind offers relaxation without compromise (adios hangovers!) Say hello to your new everyday RTD!

Uplift or Unwind

Uplift is our plant based energy supplement powered by natural caffeine derived from green tea. This allows for a slow release, meaning no jitters and no crash.

Unwind is our relaxing herbal supplement containing kava, a plant native to the South Pacific. Kava is traditionally used for anxiety, decompression, and social connection.

We're dedicated to using the best ingredients to make healthier alternatives while kicking artificial sweeteners and added sugars to the curb.

Our Mission

Bennu exists to help those who are dedicated to being their best in dealing with the chaos of modern life.

Life is a great balancing act.  We often make compromises knowing short term gains come at the cost of long term consequences. We make these decisions every day in nearly every facet of our lives.

Our products are designed so that you can recharge or relax without having to make another one. We can't help you conquer the chaos but we can help you live in harmony with it.