Our Story

Bennu came to be from three childhood friends embracing a new season of life.  Paul, Samantha, and Robert have had pie in the sky aspirations to go into business together since college.  After over a decade of professional experience in the finance, media, and culinary industries, we decided to put our dream into action. 

Coming out of the COVID-19 shutdowns we decided we would focus our efforts on developing ready-to-drink cocktails.  We built our product list, developed our cocktail recipes, and began designing our marketing plan when our life’s journey came to a new realization; we had all become parents and this was both the most rewarding and tiring job we had ever had.

Turns out our toddlers didn’t care whether we were a little rough around the edges in the morning.  They were up and at it first thing, whether we were a little snake bitten or not.  So, to be on top of our game and provide our children with the care and attention they deserve, we individually had decided that our social habits needed a change.  This raised the question, did we believe it was right to continue designing a company built on products that were no longer serving us?

Our answer was simply "no" and hence Bennu was born.  We began designing a product that would support socialization and decompression without the consequences of a hangover while offering healthier alternatives to current market options.  Uplift was designed to give us a calm boost for playtime without the exhausting crash and late evening jitters.  Unwind was likewise developed to take the edge off of long workdays or relax with family and friends over the weekend without the hazy mornings after.  

We believe that everyone can benefit from having these options available to them in a ready-to-drink format with refreshing flavors, whether your mornings are governed by our adorable tyrants or not.  We will continue to develop new flavors and functions to help all of us who are dedicated to being the best versions of ourselves for those we love most.